Our Preacher

Our Preacher

Roy Mason:

One of the most difficult questions for Roy to answer is: “Where are you from?” Due to his upbringing in a military family, many places feel like home such as Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Colorado. Roy's spiritual journey began early. His baptism at the age of 9 marked the start of his service to the church. 

In high school, Roy initially entertained the idea of pursuing a path in Aerospace engineering. However, over time, he sensed a shift in his calling, feeling a deepening desire to dedicate his life to scripture. It was during his senior year that Roy discovered a passion for preaching, setting the course for his future endeavors.

Venturing to Temple Terrace, Florida, Roy pursued a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, laying the foundation for his commitment to spiritual pursuits. Following this, he embarked on a transformative two-year internship in Racine, Wisconsin, before eventually finding his way to Fayetteville.

Roy has been serving as the preacher at the West Fayetteville congregation in North Carolina since January 2024. Throughout Roy's journey, a steadfast motto has guided him: “I want to go where the Lord wants me to go, do what the Lord wants me to do and be the best servant I can be.” Always open to growth and learning from those around him, Roy remains dedicated to living out his calling with sincerity and devotion.